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Classic Dream`s Quasimodo in Grey (SWE) x Classic Dream`s Tic Tac Toe (SWE)
DOB. 8.2.2008
breeder: Pernilla & Rolf Ryberg, Sweden

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Yaya is a long-awaited addition to our family. She has been so much fun and joy to have around - always very happy and positive, funny and sweet, endlessly energetic.
As an 8-week old puppy Yaya came home to us, settled in for a day and decided, that Big World is too interesting for her to waste time inside and with mom. She ran away from the door, so we could not get her in and liked to be alone outside, exploring and smelling the trees, grass, dirt.

At 9 weeks she didn`t need play, throwing or competition from other dogs to retrieve what we had for her, she did perfect retrieving with 10 different game types, picking stuff up the moment you put it down and carrying around proudly, but she really preferred not handing her stuff over! This strong, possessive attitude was visible even at 6 weeks with her first fresh rabbit, she was growling very seriously, stiffening up and even threatening to bite with those small little needles. When that did not work, she just closed her jaws and hang from the rabbit, lifted in the air with the rabbit. From the start we liked that very passionate, possessive attitude towards game, besides that she met all different game very openly and was mouthing it all straight away at the age of 6 weeks like her littermates, was very outgoing and friendly, even when given nasty-tasting worming or taken to the vet. Mostly, she seemed to have something that we like in Tiki very much - little bit of "craziness" - even when just 6 weeks old, her solution for going down from a couch or a single high stair step was running and without a moments hesitation leaping high up-forward in the air and then dropping heavily down.

As a hunting dog Yaya is very passionate, natural, quite impulsive. Works excellent on very different game, has even better nose than her momma, is also a lot faster runner that will catch slightly injured roe deer with ease. She's a very natural retriever, with most beautiful dead-calm, full-mouthed bite that best retrievers have. If you would leave her alone with a dead partridge in her mouth for 15 minutes, she would still absolutely love to carry it around and not even once "correct" her bite, while you are gone. Yaya has a lot of passion for fur and predators, resolving the situation first and then retrieving. Yaya is strong, reliable "spurlaut" on any small or large game, thus belonging to the speculated low percentage (10%) of weimaraners that will track with sound, which is an excellent asset for hunting in the most versatile manner.

Yaya is a very clever dog, but in a very sweet, unnoticeable way. You will hardly notice among this sweetness, when you have been manipulated again. When you get not so happy with her, she "smiles", ie wrinkles the corners of her mouth, and this is guaranteed to soften you.

Yaya LOVES water - small paddles or big masses - she makes sure her way goes through it, preferably in really high speed and many times in a row, or spontaneously enters with a HUGE jump to any swimmable water. At 9-weeks she ran into the freezing-cold open sea in April, splashing around, and at 11 weeks walked straight into a very steep/deep moore lake, immediately starting to sink. After we pulled her out, she shook herself and continued running, tail up. After that she continued living dangerously, and also at 11 weeks of age she arranged herself to get bitten by a snake (adder), she probably just ran over it, reacted in no way, continued to play and run, until the pain was too much.

Yaya loves to run, given the opportunity she`ll chase far anything that moves, with the most surprisingly beautiful sound. She'll also notice birds high in the sky (or any other moving or noticeable thing in the sky or ceiling, like plains or ventilators), therefore, as we found out at the start of her field training, once found the birds, she was able to point, flush and mark the landing-spot without effort, and then without much search again point-flush-mark ... over and over. For kilometers of fields.

Yaya had her first field trial season in 2010, at the age of 2,6 years and sailed through it with ease like several of her littermates. Surprisingly - for us she was still quite immature and half-way on getting ready for field - she followed her mom's footsteps and in just three days did eftersök for open class (max points), open class I prize (7/10), eftersök for elite class (max points) and I prize in elite class - going for the highest field grade - 8, which didn't happen because of no last male pheasant found for shooting (all we found were females); leaving her just one step away from her Hunting (field) Championship (judge Lars Karlsson). She had zero pointing-type of birds shot for her from a point, prior to these trials; she also found and handled her life's first pheasants during the second day. She's probably one of few dogs in Nordic countries reaching so high at such a young age, with just first ever two trial entries of her life. She later went on to finish her field championship in 2012.

Yaya is a mommy`s girl, even as an adult she'll get routine cleaning of her bottom, ears and eyes from mom Tiki.

Only 6 years after it happened, I am able update, that in March 2013, being just shortly 5 years old, Yaya developed very suddenly a closed pyometra and sepsis without any previous signs we could have seen (perhaps because she had been for months on pain/anti-inflammatory medication due to a knee injury, and still was on them), she suddenly had diarrhea, vomiting, high fever and obvious discomfort in her stomach, her condition was also misdiagnosed at first and treated as poisoning (they could not read her x-ray correctly and her blood appeared normal), after hours under IV she suddenly started to leak dark brown pus and bit later went into seizures, hypoglycemic shock and coma. After a night spent trying to stabilize without success (she was not holding her bloodsugar level), me besides her, she was operated in the early morning, it turned out her uterus had already ruptured somewhere along. She even survived the operation, but her heart stopped few times after that and she passed away. I have heard from different vets, it was a very un-usual case, and also in human ER work it is rarely seen people survive such conditons. I have felt like loosing a child, and part of my heart died forever after those horrible 24 hours. I think of her almost every day, but I still cannot look at her pictures and videos, the pain is still as strong as it was then.

♥︎ Never forgotten ♥︎

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