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Southpaw Duet With Hunsweimaraner (USA) x Gamepoint Painkiller Jane (EST)
DOB. 13.04.2015
breeder: Killu Ahi & Margus Voll, Estonia

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Tsumi is a pup we kept from Säde's first litter. A choice we are very happy about, because Tsumi has filled most of the huge hole left from Yaya. In many ways she is a lot like Yaya, and in other ways a lot like Tiki.
Tsumi is a smallish, light and snappy moving, lively, happy and sweet bitch, that still has a lot of her own will. She can be extremely persistent. A suitably non-soft dog that has lots of will to please, big natural motivation/drive for anything, instant enthusiasm and joy for any kind of activity or work. Tons of energy and speed. Tsumi has very good nerves but is also very, very smart. Like actually making a plan first, how to steal your sandwitch without you noticing while you are still in the room and watching the table kind of smart. Enough bad-ass to evaluate gain vs punishment usually in favour of gain. A dog with remarkable ability to adjust and manipulate.
With people she just meets, she is typically sweet and happy, often in a "labrador-ish" way. Other dogs are no problem and she seems also socially very smart. Despite that, she is a very watchful guard-dog like her dad.

Tsumi has an excellent nose, scenting her birds very far and able to track game precisely at full speed. Very early mature in her bird-work, pointing her birds with notable style, she made very few mistakes handling her wild birds from the beginning. If she ever makes a mistake, she will try something different, adjust her approach right next chance. Also so fast and sharp in her flush, that she is the only one (of our strong-flushing dogs) that has ever caught wild born grey partridges from her flush multiple times, or catch a bird from the air. Among our dogs, Tsumi is a medium range dog, in empty, regular search up to 150 m to one side, but when she's "on" something, the range can stretch into a kilometer.

Due to our own human child born in 2016 (when Tsumi was just 1 year old), and the previous difficult pregnancy (starting when Tsumi was just 4 months old), Tsumi has been trained much less than our dogs before. But due early high natural ability in most areas taking her forward has been easy. Tsumi already has some second prizes from finnish open class field trials (where weimaraners run together with german pointers), often running for a first prize, but catching too many birds with her excellent tactics (the dog is a wild game catching genious like her littermates!) has caused her once perfect obedience to crumble away a bit. Missing the trial season of 2019 due to family sickness, we are looking forward to starting her in 2020.

Tsumi really loves water like her mom Säde and most close relatives. The minute ice melts, you can find her swimming around for just her own joy, for a long time. As a 3 and 4 month old puppy she was "dock-diving" (jumping) from a bridge.
When she was just 4 months old and not trained much, we tried a blind send-over a water with her (she did not see the hiding of the game on the opposite side, and had no previous experience on that) in distance of puppy-equivalent of elite class water-work, and she performed it perfectly just from her natural drive to go out and search. Not even all adult dogs manage it same way upon first try.

She has tons of natural drive for basically any warm or cold feathered or furry animal - even the more "nasty" ones, probably even the most of our weimaraners. She would bite, tear, shake a cold fox for her own amusement and if you forget a cold, dead crow somewhere she can reach it while alone, she will eat it. For a sweet bitch, killing her first raccoon dog she had ever met at 4 years, was absolutely no problem and took no encouragement from us. Tracked and caught alone her very first wounded deer, tearing it down from throat and holding for 10 minutes, before we got to the scene. Tsumi was sichtlaut on hare and deer some times when younger, mostly silent as adult when alone. Together with other dogs she is reliably sichtlaut, even spurlaut on our tracks, when tracking us down after being gone.

Being the kind of puppy that all the time picked up and carried around all kinds of rubbish, having her carry/retrieve virtually anything has been zero work. She was a total small dare-davil, that would leap up way over her head onto a table from standing still besides it, we kept finding her on high window sills and tables and dog crates, or balancing without fear on very wobbly objects like a mountain goat.
Tsumi was a very busy puppy but after maturing has been very easy, relaxed dog inside the house, sleeping away most of the day. She has been a joy to train, hunt and just be with.

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