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Wellieson Eazac (SWE) x Classic Dream's Tic Tac Toe (SWE)
DOB. 12.04.2011
breeder: Killu Ahi & Margus Voll, Estonia

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S äde is our third and first home-bred Swedish Hunting (Field Trial) champion. She gained her results with remarkable ease and early maturity, being only 3,5 years old when finishing in 2014, being out of continental breeds statistically among the youngest to finish and her total trial entry number being on the lower side. After a break (due to our pregnancy/baby "project" in 2015-2016), she also gained the Finnish Field Trial/Working CH title with ease in 2017, being so far the third of her breed in Finland and the only one holding the title of both Sweden and Finland.

Säde's got strong natural endurance, speed and range from both mom and dad, and is early mature in search/range, having about 300-400m range in regular, "empty" search (but can make larger casts). She takes the scent quite far, is very careful but still very precise and suitably pressuring on wild game. Säde has been a very "clean" trial dog, due her calm head no runs after the birds, self-initiated flushes, shot-retrieves, empty points and other bird-handling mistakes. You can be relaxed and trust her do her work, follow your single whispered commands even with eyes closed or back turned. Many judges in Sweden and Finland have valued how easy and reliable she feels, commenting on her precise and intense points, explosive flushes, yet being still totally effortlessly cool and cooperative through her bird situations and shots fired/game downed, feeling extremely efficient, easy-to-hunt-over. Situation after situation, delivering in a very similar easy and confident manner.

Säde loves to retrieve and was also "into" fox from early on. A very keen and reliable retriever with a perfect grip/mouth.
As the rest of her litter mates, she really loves water, gets herself in or through water when the opportunity arises, with the same striking jump-entrance as her littermates, mom and many close relatives. Often just swimming around, even when the water is only few degrees. Will jump to retrieve a duck, a beaver or an old dummy through ice.
Säde is reliable "sichtlaut" on both small and large game, can drive for about 15 mins with constant bark and has hunted hare, roe-deer, moose, wild boar, fox, racoon dogs. When her first litter was with her in the woods, Säde brought them a raccoon dog puppy from the forest. She has a very good nose and works well on bloodtrack, showing natural "totverbeller" tendencies.

Overall, despite being very playful, happy and active, always ready in a second, Säde is remarkably level-headed, strong-nerved and mentally very stable, well above average weimaraner. She strongly resembles her mom, Tiki, in many ways - high working morale; will to please/cooperate; strong natural concentration ability from 6-7 weeks old; not weak or soft but strong personality in a calm, easy and "quiet" manifestation, a dog that calmly, confidently leads in any kind of new place or situation from puppy age. She is robust, notably bold and self confident for a bitch, looking always proud and self-standing. A dog that due to her smartness and excellent will to please combined with calm nerves and un-flinching, stable personality has been very easy to handle, hunt, train and have around the house, from very early on. Säde never destroyed anything as a puppy, never needed crating at any times. Already as a small untrained puppy, she could instantly switch "ON" to crazy puppy-play and again "OFF" to just lying on her bed. Typically for strong working weimaraners quite dominant, but without the need to display or enforce it, unless really pushed.

With her humans Säde is loving, cuddly and sweet, but also typically has the strongest, most devoted bond with her master. Säde has been the calm, patient leader of our canine pack from when she was 7 months old and Tiki, who usually was way above any dog, just naturally let Säde past her. With unknown dogs Säde gets along without problems.

As a typical weim, Säde is a good guard dog, but because of her calm and self-confident temperament Säde does not bark much, even when she alone meets strangers near or in her territory. She usually quietly and calmly observes the situation first.

Säde has remarkably quick, sharp moves with perfect balance and control of her body from early on. She was doing clear, huge jumps on and over the furniture from when she was about 7 weeks old and still loves to leap with her whole body horizontally up to 1,5 meters from standing still on a spot. When they were about 5-6 months and playing chase with Otti, Säde literally ran (or flew) spontaneously over parked cars that were on her way. Like no weim I have seen before, she has the working bordercollie type of tension-packed half-position "freeze", when she is concentrating on the moment or waiting for a command.

A fun and talented dog that has been really exciting and easy to work and hunt with.

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