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Wellieson Eazac (SWE) x Classic Dream's Tic Tac Toe (SWE)
DOB. 12.04.2011
breeder: Killu Ahi & Margus Voll, Estonia

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Otti is our "dynamo". High-energy, very powerful dog that has a lot of everything and is extremely passionate about anything and everything you propose him to engage with.
Combined with a bit of different type of "naturality" than our other dogs, it all makes him a very interesting and intense dog to work with. One we would not believe to exist, if we had not experienced him.

Besides being born with tons of natural ability all over, he has tons of speed, endurance, drive, too, so he's almost always on the move and keeps his pace in gallop for hours non-stop. While the other dogs may stop and dig or sniff for a short time, he most usually is still somewhere off, or just running circles around them. Moving and gallop is in his blood, he lives to run. Independent working mentality, natural usage of the wind, wide (about up to 250m to one side) regular empty search in constant gallop are all natural for him and he has never needed to know there IS game, to warm up or "wake" to run around like a mad man from very early. He was constantly searching, rangeing out, looking like he was hunting with a purpose from 3 months old - before he had had any game contacts, training or experience. He is running because it is the way he is born to move, rather than from drive for game, he will move in the same way despite if he is looking for game or not. Very un-common for a weimaraner.

Otti is a very strong, trustworthy "spurlaut"-dog on any small or large game, almost every day, when our dogs have their daily run, Otti has some scent and tracks with bark for a while, he can carry on for about 15 mins (for us that's quite enough and we are happy that he returns after that time - althought he has been gone up to over few hours; he is a very fast dog and can end up very far with just 5 minutes), he has a remarkably strong hunting/prey drive, he'll chase anything that moves. Sometimes so hard that he can suffer heat stroke even in colder weather (it's like "over-exertion" racing greyhounds can have, due to extreme drive). Like our Yaya, Otti started out as a spurlaut-dog as a puppy and a youngster, chasing our other dogs with high pitch bark, he still is often "spurlaut" on our own tracks. Otti has shown he is a natural "totverbeller", spontaneously announcing even a deer he found unexpectedly, which had been dead for few days and already stinking bad, he called and waited for me for 20 minutes. While being more impulsive and more sharp, Otti still has good nerves and strong personality. Reserved with people who he does not know, able to work around dogs he has just met.

Otti loves to retrieve anything, he's the kind of dog who just has to have something in his mouth, to carry around for just himself endlessly, a natural spontaneous retriever, he would find all kinds of objects and rubbish to proudly carry around for hours as a young dog. He will fetch all 3 ducks in the same go, packing them all in his mouth, he's also our first dog that has very natural will to pack 1 square meters of deer skin into a 30 x 30 cm neat package into his mouth, for easy carrying, while others will drag-retrieve while stepping on it - quite remarkable to see how he does his packing. He often also likes to pack the dangling head and neck of a duck into his mouth with the rest of the body.
He's natural on fox retrieve and very passionate about water retrieve.

Otti has shown that he has a strong, inborn response to wild boar scent, he's suitably quite sharp but quite careful, good for our very dense woods. Killing raccoon dogs, foxes and smaller predators like polecats is no problem, and he loves to harrass the badger for hours.

Otti might be the best natural bloodtracker we have had, from his first track he has tracked the whole track with low to moderate, very walkable speed, nose totally glued to the ground, almost no going off the track and correcting himself with very consistent, precise tracking ethics and technique, solving problems with calm persistance and logic.

Otti has been a true asset to our hunting.

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