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Daiunkai Go Boushuu Kaikasou (JP) x FIN CH Honoka Go Kurume Hirose (JP)
10.7.2003 - 21.02.2018
breeder: Jenna Haveri, Finland

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Akiko was our "little" mix of bear and fox. We wanted to have a noble and independent dog and that is exactly what we got and more. He was the only puppy that did not pay any attention to the visitors, that were crawling on the floor among the puppies. No, he had his own business to tend to, and when one of us laid down on his way and stopped him, looking at his face 2 cm away, trying to make contact - he just licked this strange face once and proceeded on his own way, away from other puppies and men. No surprise, he grew up to be VERY independent dog, loving people very much, when they happen to be on his way, but not really having the need to interact with them.

We could not have asked for a better akita, and it's hard to imagine a more stable, patient, self-confident and unfazed by anything dog. We don't think he ever thought anything in the world would harm him, he was the rock, the king of the world, his own master. Like a true male Japanese Akita, Akiko gave the impression of a powerful, noble and bold dominant male, acting in quiet self confidence like the world belongs to him, yet inside he was the most sensitive and intelligent dog we have ever known. Also the most honest and straightforward creature. He could sense the slightest change in your voice and react to that strongly, learning profound lessons from just one minor incident. Always dignified, aware of his self worth, he would bow to nobody or try to make up with you, but disliking the mess of a fight or a struggle, he would rather go away and be in his own peace (but if that was somehow not possible, you'd not want to experience the fight, over the years few stupid enough dogs outside of our pack got to know the full power and primitive wildness hidden under the cool, peace-loving surface). A friend, equal partner rather than a pack member with a leader. A dog more like a cat in many ways, but with endless patience with all our puppies/youngsters and our human baby. He would never touch them, even if they were a pain in the ass. So cool and happy-friendly with all people that we always thought, if we would ever have burglars, he would maybe get up from his place and greet the "guests", very happily. So quiet and confident, that we only extremely rarely heard him bark or make any noise. In many ways he was the easiest of dogs to keep, at home almost invisible, sleeping all days somewhere under the table, patient and quiet during our travels and long drives. Never demanding anything. But in the wild - forests and fields, at the beach - he was another dog. Enjoying every minute in the nature, running free on his own, hunting (and he was an uncompromising, quiet death of raccoon dogs everywhere). Not a dog that would follow you, he had his own paths.

We'll never forget one particular swim - it was a big storm, huge waves and rain, we were joyfully yelling through the wind and waves to each other. Akiko was left on the beach, as he always was, to go about his usual business ... but suddenly, he started to follow us into the sea, into huge waves over his head. Almost drowning. He was very clearly worried of us - while he usually took water like a cat and could not seemingly care less about us (it was almost always us who needed to keep an eye on him, to call him or go after him).

A VERY healthy dog both mentally and physically, who we helped along to better hunting grounds at 14,5 years old, after a slow decline until we felt he had given up the fight to live.

♥︎ Never forgotten ♥︎

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